The benefits of swimming in the fight against obesity

It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of exercise for health. Especially great when there is the opportunity to practice your favorite and suitable for you sport, which favorably affects the shape and General physical condition. Some people prefer training in the gym, some people like running outdoors, and choose some more serious activities, such as, for example, basketball. But if you like to swim and dance – then this is the perfect aerobic exercise for you. After all, everyone knows the

benefits of swimming in the fight against obesity. Likes and lose weight.

Surprisingly, what good is hidden in this kind of simple sport. Swimming helps to improve the body and effective in the fight against obesity. This activity develops endurance, flexibility, increases efficiency. This sport is probably the most gentle, as the probability of injury satisfied small. The weight of the person in the water is reduced ten times, and the ability to stay afloat, which is inherent in man from birth, helps to avoid bumps. Swimming can deal with absolutely everyone, even those who have never played sports. Besides, this activity is perfect for those people who are contraindicated for power loads, which are diseases of the joints, as well as pregnant women.

Swimming is bracing exercise, as in the works include almost all the muscles of the body. This is the benefits of swimming. It trains the arms, abdominal muscles, thighs, legs and buttocks. In addition to the stress on the muscles, swimming also has an influence on the joints, strengthening them, making them more flexible, especially in the neck, arms and thighs.

This sport belongs to aerobic exercise, because during the first three minutes of exercise there is maximum absorption by the muscles of oxygen. The main advantages of swimming can be called what it regulates blood pressure, prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases. There is also a reduction of the respiration rate, the blood flow to the lungs becomes more intense, and this, in turn, is a direct way to get rid of extra pounds. Overall, during aerobic exercise the body uses as much as possible of flowing oxygen.

– develops endurance, improves flexibility;

– effectively in the fight against excess weight, makes the figure graceful and attractive;

– activates blood circulation;

– energizes and gives life force;

– used as remedy for injuries of joints and muscles;

– is a great way to relieve nervous and physical stress.

Many swimming can seem heavy and serious. However, to date, there are a large number of various exercises in the pool, ranging from normal swimming and completing Aqua aerobics. Useful absolutely all kinds. Here are some exercises that you can perform in the water.

Walking in the water at a shallow depth. The benefit of this exercise is the same as from a normal distance, however, this method is less traumatic. You can walk going into the water on the chest or on the belt. The exercise becomes more effective due to the action of the force of water resistance.

Water yoga is a flowing movement. These exercises help to calm and relieve the tension, because we know that water is the best environment for relaxation.

Aqua aerobics is different from the usual aeorobic only because the movements are performed in water. However, due to the fact that when training is necessary to overcome the resistance water, exercises become more effective in the fight against obesity.

Water shaping is a variety of water exercises that involve the muscles of the lower and upper body. Sometimes training is conducted using a variety of devices, but often enough normal water resistance. Such training shape the body, giving muscles attractive shape.

You can walk or run in deep water, with the legs should not reach the bottom. During such exercises sometimes use a variety of tools, such as the swimming zone.

Stretching exercises at the side. Perform slow movements, holding the railing and lingering for a while in certain positions. The benefit of these lessons is that they warm up the muscles and prevent soreness after a workout and help in the fight against obesity.

Swim along the tracks different pool styles.

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