Cycle. Group check-in hall

The approach to training is a highly individual thing. Some people like to work on a one-on-one with the instructor, and someone who does well may not, without the team and the spirit of competition. And modern fitness offers us every opportunity. For a born “joiners” even invented a special workout at the gym – cycle.

Indoor Cycling is not only a high-intensity cardio. but still fun and social environment. Class is held on the bikes as close in design to real racing bikes. The coach sets the pace, and the whole group is riding, traveling along the mountain slopes or high-speed highway, overcoming various obstacles.

The effect of presence creates the picture on the monitor showing your move, forest trails and roads. The coach builds the lesson that the group then escapes from imaginary pursuit, chasing a world leader in Cycling, travelling through the picturesque slopes of the mountains, turning in different directions to see who’s out there waving away his hand.

Unlike other types of workout, cycle unloads the joints.

Under such intensive lessons, tense all the muscles of the body, especially leg muscles. In contrast to other types of workout, cycle unloads the joints. After all the running, jumping and squats, unfortunately, not only strengthens muscles, but also create an increased load on the knee joint. And this device is thin and delicate: a little overdone – and Hello, pain. No wonder the injury and deformity of the knee are a common problem as professional athletes, and over-zealous fans.

Besides the great cycle trains the heart muscle. The same one that is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body and often suffers from neglect from the “owners”. The kind of load that gives cycle-aerobics in our computerized age of fast foods and heart attacks are particularly relevant.

All together!

Clients sometimes tell how they have tight: muscles tense, sweat is pouring down hail – want to get up and leave. In such situation they can only stop the instructor. Last emotionally charged group and so generously “share” with the students own energy that no one wanted to go the distance and try to sneak into the locker room ahead of time. It is in the sense of participation and interaction with the coach who sets the rhythm, sets targets, monitors the literacy of their performance, is the advantage of practicing indoor Cycling at the club.

Of course, you can pedal home. But you need to have a remarkable strength of will, otherwise, at the first signs of fatigue can be tempted to go on vacation. So, not to run the program entirely. In addition, you first need to take a few introductory lessons and receive instructions on further actions have a competent coach. If you are still drawn to the team, keep in mind: the first classes indoor Cycling classes are dedicated to setting the bike on two levels – the height of the saddle, the distance from saddle to handlebar.

Normal, classic bike on the degree of load is not comparable with the cycle.

Interestingly, normal, classic bike on the degree of load is not comparable with the cycle. In the simulator there is a possibility to define the type of drive even on almost vertical surfaces. The speed with which you rush on the cycle, switch with a lever. To increase the pace, twist the lever clockwise to reduce against. If you expect from your figure of rapid change, the first three months of push the pedal five days a week. Will be able to maintain the previously established form, attending a cycle class for advanced – two times a week.

The cycle classes are held in several versions. You can just without undue stress to pedal at your leisure. And able to follow an intensified program, sitting or standing on the bike. The coach takes different levels of resistance, and you pedal at a certain speed, represented himself as a member of the mountain stage of the race “Tour de France” or high-speed “Paris-Roubaix”.

Cycle – business equipment

In cycle-aerobics widespread two directions. One thing – when the projectile actually works like an exercise bike. And second simulated race bike. The difference here is in the position of the back: in the first case it is straight, the second – relaxed, like racers. Also in the classic cycle, there are four techniques:

Home appliances: You pedal, but do so entirely at your pleasure, without any stress. The resistance of the pedals of the exercise bike is customized for each lesson depending on positive changes in the level of fitness. The class is held in a sitting position, hands crossed over the heart cycle.

Technique sitting: Here begins the serious work to overcome different resistance levels, adjustable on command of the instructor. Is sitting, hands wide apart on the handlebars of the cycle.

Technique standing: the Load on the muscles with such a technique increases automatically. Performed standing, hands on the wheel – width apart.

Aggressive standing technique: Here you have the great resistance of the pedals and as a result of higher load and complexity. Is again standing, hands on the wheel spaced as widely as possible.

As with any sport, there are the indications and contraindications. This type of training is recommended for people with good health. Do not get involved in aerobics on the cycle for those who have “naughty heart”, injured knees or have problems with varicose veins. Those who suffer from low blood pressure, a similar exercise would be useful. But only on the condition that “occurrence” in training will be gradual, step by step.

Whichever difficulty level you choose, the result of regular training will be tightened figure and good mood. Different riding styles, a variety of power and speed will help loads of fun and spend time with those workouts.

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