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How to breathe correctly while running in cold weather

For untrained runners breathing while running is one of the most difficult and not very pleasant on the senses moments. In cold weather unpleasant sensations intensified: it seems like the cold air burns your throat and lungs. How to get rid of this and get the maximum benefit and pleasure from the winter run? Stop worry about your lungs, breathe and dress up!

A little about misconceptions

When the cold air begins to burn the lungs, we begin to worry that you

might catch a cold and make a sore throat or pneumonia (highly doubtful). But actually the air enters our lungs are already warmed up.

Whatever the temperature was outside, the temperature of the air that reaches the bottom of our trachea, will always be about 37 °C. the Air burns our lungs, not because he’s cold, but because it is very dry.

That is, while Jogging in the desert or any place with a very dry climate your lungs will burn exactly the same as during winter runs.

How to get rid of burning sensation in the lungs

Ease breathing while Jogging in cold weather in several ways.

The first and easiest is to pull on the mouth buff or a special scarf for running . This “case” will hold the inside of the formed reservoir of moisture that will come out in the form of water vapor when you exhale, and breathe in the air will be less dry. In very cold weather you can use a special Balaclava, which will protect you from the biting winter cold.

Also do not forget about drinking enough water. When it’s not so hot, don’t want to drink, but the need for the restoration of our water balance during exercise still remains. Especially in cold weather, few take with you on a jog a water bottle. May we spend less moisture, but we want to drink even less. So don’t forget to drink your daily amount of water and eating more on training days.

And finally — try to breathe slowly, making smooth breaths. No sharp and short breaths and outputs. Such a sharp stream of air will further irritate the already slightly inflamed due to dry air, the surface of the trachea. Breaths better to do it through the nose and exhale through the mouth. When you inhale through the nose the better air is warmed and moistened.

If you have certain problems with breathing through the nose, you can do the inhale-exhale through nose and mouth at the same time, a little cocked to the sky, the tip of the tongue. Thus the air will be better warm, and breathing will be easier. Here you need to add is already listed smooth breathing and protective scarf.

Another trouble — icy wind in your face. In this case, many suggest that you just have… to run in the direction in which the wind blows. You are unlikely so fundamentally, in what direction to turn, because the main thing — respect the pace and distance. Much nicer to run with the wind, than to suffocate, to get frostbite on his face and simultaneously wipe constantly watery eyes.

I hope these tips will help you make running outdoors in cold weather more enjoyable.