Why run the athlete-the enforcer

Running to improve health for all, or even athletes, so to speak, cross-country sports. Running for such athletes has its own characteristics and advantages. Let’s consider them in more detail.

We list the beneficial effects of regular practice of athletic training.

Firstly, running is able to deal with stress and insomnia, stimulating and soothing the nervous system. In addition, during the run produced specific substances, which, acting like a drug, improve mood and give a sense of

euphoria. Also running is able to deal with pain syndromes. It is noticed that post-workout pain go away much faster after running.

Secondly, running improves the cardiovascular system . It is proved that under the influence of processes while running dilate the lumen of the vessels, which leads to normalization groooming processes, prevents the formation of stagnation of blood in the muscles and organs. Normalized pressure and train the heart muscle. In addition, running is a prophylactic of arteriosclerosis and other diseases associated with elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Thirdly, running develops respiratory endurance, which is necessary in many sports, including power. For example, respiratory endurance can recall during exercise – “20 sit-UPS”. In addition, running has a preventive effect on the respiratory system: the so-called enhanced ventilation of the lungs, which hinders the development of various diseases. Thus, cross-country studies contribute to improve the immune properties of the organism.

Fourthly, during the run burned very many calories. Because most of the programmes aimed at burning fat and developing muscle definition, contain regular running workouts or at least a fast walk. Proven for effective weight loss it is necessary not only to comply with the special nutrition program, but also to engage Jogging workouts. Quite a long treadmill exercise comparable to high-intensity strength training cost of calories.

So, running has so many advantages to it. It remains to understand how to run the athletes strength sports. The specifics of such athletes, primarily consists in the features of their athletic goals. For example, a competition level bodybuilder must, at all costs to preserve their lean muscle mass to the max. And Jogging can burn not only fat but also muscles. However, the above mentioned beneficial effects from running, forced to bow down in the direction of need last.

To preserve lean muscle mass it is necessary to resort to certain forms of constraints in the race. These limitations include: the duration of treadmill exercise, the heart rate and the location in time of the running about basic strength training. There are two basic modes of exercise – aerobic and anaerobic. The first mode corresponds to the heart rate in the frequency range from calm to 70% of maximum heart rate. Everything above 70 %, refers to anaerobic training.

Anaerobic training is the biggest problem in muscle mass . as it is quite intense and can be used as energy source a protein in muscle fibers. To avoid this, it is necessary to prevent such trainings in the scope of catabolic window. For example, to run with such intensity immediately after waking up is impossible. In addition, even if the body gets the necessary calories on time, then you need to limit the time of such exercise 10 to 20 minutes.

The second training is not as dangerous as the first, so the time of such exercise can be increased to 60 minutes and more. In any case, to avoid loss of muscle mass is important to ensure regular income of calories through the established time intervals. However, as in any sport, there are limitations.

First, if the weight of the body is large enough, it can not start with high-intensity and long running time. Excess weight can be a problem for the leg joints and spine, not to mention cardiovascular system.

Secondly, if there are any features of the joints and spine, it must either be limited to a brisk walk, or go to a more secure variant of the cardio – bike or ellipsoid.

Thirdly, diseases related to blood vessels of the legs can also cause the transition to safer alternatives treadmill workout. Actually running and its variants are an excellent tool for the prevention of various diseases and the main indicator of an active and healthy lifestyle .

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