Exisit. Oxycise – breathing exercises

Become healthy, fit and beautiful will help breathing exercises. Enough to spend a day 15 minutes of your time and your waist, hips, legs, and the stomach will become slender, and the mood will improve for the whole day.

What is Exisit?

It is a modern technique of weight loss and overall health improvement. It was developed by American Jill Johnson, who all his life struggled with being overweight: sitting on a diet, went to the gym and tried many

different alternative methods. However, none of the above didn’t help her, and she developed breathing exercises Oxisols, which is now popular not only in USA, but all over the world, including in Russia.

What you need to do, according to this methodology?

In order to lose weight by the method of enough daily to perform simple physical and breathing exercises and the results will be available next week. Exisis works thanks to a special system of breathing, which allows you to fully oxygenate all tissues and organs. The uniqueness is that it helps not only get rid of extra pounds, but also improves digestion, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system, the immune system, balance metabolism. Exercises for people with various diseases as it is under the supervision of a qualified coach, there is the possibility to regulate the load and length of sessions according to their condition.

Oxycise breathing exercises

In order to do gymnastics Oxisols, a day you need to do thirty approaches, it is enough to have 15 minutes of free time. The course consists of four main levels, and we will gladly introduce you to them. The advantage of breathing exercises that the exercises are not necessarily on an empty stomach, which is very convenient for the residents of modern cities suffering from lack of time. But still, before and after training is better not to eat. After class fat leave the body by increasing metabolism, the body muscles are strengthened and the skin is tightened. In the end, you get a wonderful tonic effect on the entire body and shed excess weight. Interestingly, instead of visiting courses Oxycise gym, which will raise the rod and run on the treadmill, you will increase the muscle mass in the body but not lose weight.

The benefits of gymnastics:

to do easy and simple: you do not need to learn how deep breathing is the diaphragm, unlike bodyflex.

doing exercises daily can be reset for the month a few tens of centimeters from the volumes of the whole body.

don’t need diets, heavy exercise and questionable drugs for weight loss.

you can do almost anywhere and in any situation: driving the car, at home, in the office, on a walk. In this case it will be completely not noticeable to anyone.

Oxisols – health, beauty, youth, activity and no extra pounds!

Different from bodyflex?

The most important difference from bodyflex that Oxycise is based on a fundamentally different system of breathing: you don’t have to hold your breath, you must perform the fourfold repetition of the scheme – the breath, the three to inhale, exhale, three to exhale. It is also important that Exisits can engage pregnant women, in contrast to the complex, which they are contraindicated.

If You are tired of exhausting workloads such as running, fitness, indoor Cycling, then it’s time to choose something else.

For example – the breathing exercises Oxisols, which can be used effectively to overcome the extra volume. Easy, interesting, there are no contraindications, as there is no breath holding. So the choice is yours: You want to do and get results without harming your health, or want to walk daily in the fitness club, spending a lot of money and time!

Because there are people who just can’t give the body a grueling workload, not the clock running and pedaling because of contraindications to specific physical exercise, usually so intense as running and Cycling. Someone just has lots of time on my daily walk to fitness. Someone fitness just don’t like. Surely You’ve met people like this. And what do they do. One answer! To do Oxycise (Oxisols) or Bodyflex. And it is possible both that and another.

The essence of breathing exercises that when class enters the body more oxygen. Oxygen works on the problem areas, and You lose weight! Simple!))))

Breathing technique is the four-stage diaphragm breathing. Inhaling, the body receives a large amount of oxygen. Especially good is the load on the abdominal muscles, as breathing in and breathing out, alternately You constantly strain your abdominal muscles and relax. What would the effect was not long to wait for the breathing technique should be done simultaneously with the sets of exercises. When Your muscles are severely strained, the body receives more oxygen and You get the result faster.

The name of the Oxycise breathing exercises (Oxisols) is derived from the English. oxygen – “oxygen” exercise – “exercise”.

Breathing technique according to the method Oxycise (Oxisols) differs from breathing techniques for Bodyflex:

Breath. Relax your abdominal muscles, smile widely, expanding the nostrils and take a deep breath in through your nose, filling your stomach with air like a ball.

Three to breath. Tensing at the same time the muscles of the pelvic floor and buttocks, lift the lower part of the abdomen. Take three more breaths, the maximum filling air in the lungs.

Exhale. Lips stretch and fold as if playing the flute, leaving between them a narrow gap. Exhale air, pulling the belly under the ribs.

Three to exhale. Make three additional sharp exhalation, trying to fully empty the lungs, freeing them for more deep breaths.

Breathing exercises — this method of weight loss, decrease of body volume, correction.

With Oxycise (Oxisols) you not only reduce weight but also improve your health and quality of life. You will be energetic, cheerful and active. You will radiate energy.

Studies have shown that when doing the body receives a large amount of oxygen and is an active fat burning. It exceeds such activities as Bicycle riding, and running!

Try Exisit and You will like it! Just breathe and lose weight!

To do at any time when You want or when You have time. And it does not need, somewhere to go, you can do at home. This is a very simple and effective!

Don’t wait till tomorrow! Start doing Oxycise breathing exercises (Oxisols) today!

What gives the technique?

the figure of Your dreams, with the minimum of effort and material costs

the result will not take long, if You do every day

breathing exercises improves the overall condition of the body, fills You with energy for the whole day. You will feel much better

the real savings of money and time

become more physically fitter and will be able to achieve better results. For You, the classes are just as a hobby or habit, the same as the brush your teeth in the morning.

helps to quickly burn calories

accelerates metabolic processes, and it is important to reduce weight

helps reduce weight and reduce the amount of

Yes, there are many ways to reduce weight. Someone drinking the medicine, someone won’t eat.

But there are more effective and harmless way – that Oxycise (Oxisols) – you breathe and lose weight! And not only. Also it helps to clean Your body of toxins and other things.

What about the breathing exercises Exisis helps to lose weight?

Using deep diaphragmatic breathing, Your body is saturated with carbon dioxide. And fats are splitting. The breath burns excess fat! I hope now it is clear. Just 15-20 minutes a day and You’re there!

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