The benefits of swimming in Bassani


Over the long Christmas holidays and have already come to reflect on the resumption of physical activity, the more that extra few pounds precisely there. Where to start, so that was not painfully hard, but useful? Our advice is to swim!

The benefits of swimming in the pool, as a form of physical activity, it is difficult to overestimate: floating in the pool, you can seriously

improve your health and restore the body after physical and psychological injuries, and reduce/maintain weight.

The benefits of swimming in the pool is reflected in its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Those who are constantly engaged in swimming, marked slowing of heart rate to 60 beats per minute or less. Accordingly, the heart muscle such people is much more powerful and economical than the others.

While swimming in the pool participate in breathing even the most remote areas of the lungs that prevents the occurrence of stagnation. The benefits of swimming in the pool for human breathing is evident even at the household level: after a quick walk or climbing stairs for several floors in people who regularly engaged in swimming, breathing does not change.

When swimming in the pool, you lose a lot of calories (at distances of 100-1500 m calorie consumption ranges from 100 to 500 K/cal) — hence the benefits of swimming in the pool to reduce/maintain weight. This powerful calorie burning in the body happens for several reasons: first, the density of water is approximately 775 times higher than the density of air, respectively, to perform the most simple of movements in the water associated with serious energy consumption, and secondly, when swimming, the breathing becomes deeper and more rapid — as a result, all your body is saturated with oxygen (aerobic exercise), and thirdly, in the water the human body emits 50 to 80% more heat, respectively, to recover any such loss, metabolism in the body greatly accelerated.

The undoubted benefits of swimming is that it is a very gentle form of physical activity — the risk of any injuries is minimal. So swimming is often recommended as reparative therapy for people with injuries of muscles, joints, etc. When swimming the body is almost constantly in a horizontal position — this contributes to the rapid attainment of a state of relaxation.

The benefits from swimming in the pool will be only with proper equipment

So, buying a subscription to the nearest home pool should pack a bag with all necessary accessories for swimming — here’s where to invest money correctly and is good for health.

In the first place is glasses that protect the eyes from contact with chlorinated water. Choose the glasses at any store “major League”, relying on only one important rule: they should not miss the water. You can check this simple fitting, in which a rubber band around the points needs to “stick” — a sure sign of a correct accessory.

Next is a bathing suit, without which the voyage is simply unthinkable. You should not wear your favorite or expensive swimsuit, because its color darkened from exposure to chlorinated water and the benefits from swimming in the pool will not increase. The right choice will be one-piece swimsuit, designed specifically for swimming pools. In “major League” in addition to sporting swimsuits are those that have the property of increased support of the Breasts.

As for hats, then there is an individual matter, but that would be swimming in a pool would benefit, not harm, it is better with her than without her. Correct swimming involves dipping the head in water, and the absence of caps can ruin a hairstyle.

Girls with long hair in the store you can choose a special hat. They already have those! Many people familiar with the problem of a lack of hair under the cap, the discomfort when rolling beanies, etc. Projecting this swimming cap, specialists fully focused on the needs of people with long hair. The cap is made of silicone, which allows the hair to breathe, and a well stretched (hat can be stretched so that it becomes more than two times).

Despite the fact that the swimmer requires a minimum of equipment, the importance should not be underestimated!


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