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Healthy lifestyle – Fitness in case of force majeure on the job

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Fitness in case of force majeure at work

The motto of the project: a Perfect figure for 3 months!

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As a result achievements at work are accompanied by weakening of the muscles, increase of fat, deterioration of other physical indicators. To avoid these unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to have in stock a set of exercises that are suitable to perform in any environment, including in the workplace, in a train compartment, a hotel room:

Extension of the spine. To approach the wall, cling to her heels, buttocks, shoulders and head. In this position, do 10 deep breaths and exhalations.

Maintaining posture and continuing to breathe rhythmically, walk for one minute. If it is possible to climb several flights of stairs, then down.

Sitting on a swivel chair in front of the Desk, legs bent and slightly lifted. Holding hands at the edge of the table top, unfold the chair left and right to failure – 30 times. This exercise trains the lower back muscles and the press.

To train the outer thigh muscles sit up straight, hands rested in the seat so that your palms were fixed in the middle of the thighs. Try to push the thigh against the resistance of the hands, for one minute.

To load on the inner thigh muscles hands squeeze into fists and put them on the edge of the seat between his knees. Within 1 minute of trying to push my knees.

Prolonged sitting posture compresses the posterior surface of the thighs. For training in this zone sit on the edge of the seat and pull straight leg forward. Within minutes resting on the floor in the heel of each foot (not the heel!).

He sat on the edge of the seat and holding back, in turn, straighten your knees, then lowered them, taking care not to touch the floor. Perform this exercise for a minute burdensome on the front of the thigh and calf muscles, removes stagnation in the legs, improves the mobility of the knees.

In a previous starting position perform a rotation of the elevated stop. This exercise is also useful for calf muscles; in addition, it is well restores and strengthens the foot when walking in heels.

To strengthen your chest muscles and triceps rested his elbows on the chair arms, trying to lift the hips over the seat – at least 10 times.

A good strain on your arms and chest muscles can be achieved if you put your palms and elbows from the outer side of the armrests and try to bring the hands together.

To strengthen the biceps elbows pressed to the body and within a minute your palms in the lower part of the worktop.

During sedentary work is necessary to periodically compress and relax the buttocks, together or in turn. These simple and subtle movements strengthen the gluteal muscles, eliminate stagnation in the pelvis and are a good prevention of many diseases, so they are encouraged to perform as often as possible.

Simple, effective and virtually invisible exercise for the abs is the retraction of the abdomen. You need to sit or stand erect, expand the shoulders and pull in the buttocks. On the exhale, pull the stomach, maximum straining press. To perform up to 50 times. The diaphragm must remain stationary.

These exercises can be performed in the complex during the break, and one by one in a spare moment or when you want to warm up, alternating with the load on different muscle groups. Of course, such classes will not replace a full workout in the Wellness center, but they will help to ensure a sufficient level of physical activity and keep your muscles toned.