The rules of running

Running is one of the most useful and affordable ways to lose weight and improve immunity. In addition, during running, the body is cleansed of toxins that go along with then, almost all the muscles while running involved, trains the cardiovascular system and well quenched the body. But, like other sports, running requires the right approach to serve not harmful, but beneficial. Moreover, it is important to know how to breathe correctly while running.

How to run?

A few rules for successful training:

1. Consistency

The sense of irregular workouts will not for health or for weight loss. If you run a week and then make a break for two because it’s cold or raining, any significant result from such trainings, you will not achieve.

2. Patience

If you want to use running for weight loss, do not rush the results. During the training week you will not lose weight at 10 kilogram. If the goal is set, run regularly and record your weight and size in a notebook. Only persistence in goal will lead to the desired results.

3. Form

Clothing and footwear should be comfortable and of high quality. It is recommended to run in running shoes with a thick sole, especially if you will have to run on asphalt. The fabric from which is made tracksuit, must be natural, so that the skin could breathe. Women are encouraged to buy sports underwear, so as not to stretch the chest while running.

4. Time

For training, you must choose a specific time and preferably then stick to that schedule. Otherwise you will be tempted to miss the next run, then another one, and this will reduce the results of running no.

5. Place

Better to run in the green zone so that body plenty of saturated with oxygen. This is perfect for the Park or the stadium. Select a suitable route and start. Of course, you can run around and around the house, but it’s not the best option.

6. Gradual onset

Start small. At first can run on the spot, gradually increasing the duration of exercise. Then try Jogging at the stadium or in the Park. Enough to run 30 minutes a day, and not necessarily every day. It is recommended to allocate two or three days a week for Jogging.

7. Warm-up

Before a run you must do the workout, then have a little walk, take deep breaths and make a few circular motions with his hands. If run immediately after a dream and not to do the workout, there is a risk of heavy load on the heart and thus heart attacks.

8. Proper breathing

A significant role is played by the breath while running. You should breathe through the nose. Better less and deeper than most, but superficially. Shallow breathing while running only hurts for a stronger load on the heart. Breathing is recommended not to breast and belly.

9. The speed

Running start, gradually increasing the speed. Heavy load you don’t need, unless you want to become a professional athlete. So for beginners it is recommended to jog. To make sure that you run at a normal pace, measure the pulse. He must not be greater than one hundred twenty beats per minute. If need be, can walk a few meters to restore breathing and heart rate did not increase.

10. Food

Much to eat before a workout is not recommended, therefore it is better to prefer light foods, such as fruits or vegetables. And not later than half an hour before the run. After a workout, too, need some time to wait, but not necessarily long. But you can drink immediately, only water at room temperature.

Remember, before starting serious training, be sure to consult with your doctor. Because Jogging has its contraindications.

If a race you chose, we wish you to achieve good results and receive training only fun!


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