Treadmill educational program

Treadmill: introductory course

Unfortunately, with the onset of short chilly autumn days to go outside for a run, it becomes increasingly difficult to bear. In this situation only one way out – to go to the gym and go on the treadmill .

Everyone should move every day . “If we don’t eat, we are suffering from hunger. But if we don’t move, and don’t suffer, complains of the Transfiguration. – People as a result of evolution away from the main movement”. However, according to him, a treadmill may well replace conventional running and make the heart and muscles to work in different modes.

Work on the bugs

Eight major mistakes. which people make in the gym, and how to avoid them.

Treadmills were invented a long time. The first samples were mechanical . the man single-handedly pushed the cloth that went. Modern treadmills are electric . and “run” on their own. And the speed of their movement and the angle of inclination can be adjusted, thus setting the training mode. For the convenience of trainees in many models there is a special software modes.

The speed

One of the main indicators of the treadmill is its speed . For example, 12 kilometers per hour on the track – one lap in the stadium is 400 meters long, traversed by two minutes. For someone who trains regularly, the speed is normal. And for someone who stood on the track for the first time, the speed is “outrageous” is a freshman will drop out after half a lap. Therefore, according to Preobrazhensky, there are some limitations . which should be remembered by the person who is just starting to walk on a treadmill.

What you need to control

Heart rate or pulse. The upper threshold is calculated by the formula “220 ” N”, where N is your age in years.

Fatigue . When the student becomes excessive the load, wherein he asked himself on the track, it is necessary to reduce the load or to go the distance.

Discomfort . It can be pain behind the breastbone in the region of the heart that require stopping. According to Preobrazhensky, those symptoms that require not run, and a trip to the doctor.

Speed . If it is too high, and dealing will not be able to control the tempo track you can fall and get injured.

“Red button”

If an untrained person is going to run with great speed, he had to use the handrails . It is worth remembering that there is on each treadmill buttons emergency stop . you can press if you suddenly feel unwell. There are tracks that stop abruptly, others slow down gradually. Before you start training, head of Department of sports rehabilitation recommends to check what type of track you got to practice.

To start classes Transfiguration advises on a wide and long driveway – it is safer for beginners. You should pay attention to its cover. If you have back problems or joints, it is necessary to choose a treadmill, in which the coating is soft and absorbs well .

Counting minutes and heart rate

Any activity on a treadmill Transfiguration recommends starting with five minutes of walking or Jogging to warm up. Further training for 20–30 percent below the threshold of the maximum load.

Three-quarters of the training must occur before that threshold. Under this regime, a well-burned carbs and fats. If the load is higher, then cease fat be burned completely, and carbohydrates are used partially. And the training effect is reduced.

For example, if the maximum heart rate is 170 beats per minute, three-quarter-time training should be conducted with a heart rate of 130-140. And about five minutes to devote to training at high with the pulse of 170 beats. And head of the Department of sports rehabilitation advises to split the peak load on several stages one or two minutes and alternate them with periods of lower traffic.

How to run

For the person who moves a little, the first session should last no more than fifteen minutes . The optimal duration of workout on a treadmill, from the point of view of the Transfiguration – half hour. At the time, on average, can run about five and a half kilometers, it is already the fifteenth minute workout begin to rapidly burn fat . Besides, half an hour on the treadmill is enough to fill the lack of motion when time to full sports is not enough.

But more than an hour of Transfiguration does not recommend to run. He says that running a big enough load on the spine, and knees, which can suffer from excessive zeal.

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