How to help your child cope with a cough. Breathing exercises


The beginning of winter – time illnesses, the season of coughs and bronchitis. Drank a little water on the street on the way home, running around with friends after school or kindergarten – have any irritation on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, cough. As for weak, sore neck is very easy to “fall” infections and viruses. With SARS, the flu, the cough is aggravated, it can cause complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia…

The cough itself, in addition to illness, a symptom of which he becomes, not so dangerous but exhausting children’s bodies, does not eat or sleep properly at night. How to ease the suffering of the child?

What do we expect from a pediatrician

In bronchitis and other acute respiratory diseases child suffers from acute attacks of cough, with which he cannot cope alone (especially at night), whistling breathing becomes hoarse and difficult. This means that the airway of the child narrowed. What to do in this situation, mom?

First of all, you need to call the pediatrician, because only a professional can make the correct diagnosis and to determine how far have gotten infected. The pediatrician, as a rule, appoint:

cough syrup (expectorant and thinning phlegm effect);

inhalation – the most effective, if not conducted using a special inhaler, the heated saline (0.9% sodium chloride) and the solution for inhalation, for example, Lasolvan . in the ratio 1:1;

antibiotics – if the infection went down into the bronchi or lungs, and to cope with the disease in another way is not possible. To start a course of antibiotics only as directed by a doctor.

the drug for prevention of dysbacteriosis . if prescribed a course of antibiotics.

Breathing exercises coughing – why is it necessary?

In addition to drug therapy (which in acute diseases of the respiratory tract can not do), there are other ways to help your child cope with the disease. One of the most effective breathing exercises. Of course, to suggest that it will succeed only child is aged 3 years, since the procedure involves the repetition of a clear action, which is difficult to achieve with small children.

But the method is very effective: a specialized set of exercises relieve the bronchi of mucus, reduces inflammation and increases the protective properties of the mucous membrane, facilitates the child’s condition and helps him recover faster.

The basics of gymnastics – how to breathe correctly

Begin breathing master class!

Here are some simple rules that will help to make exercises as effective as possible:

we begin to practice 3 days after initiation of drug therapy;

perform exercises in standing, sitting or lying down (depending on the status of young patients);

the air you breathe hard, rapidly and energetically;

involve air through the mouth naturally and gently, through your nose – noisy and active;

exhaled, on the contrary, slowly and smoothly;

help your child to follow the rhythm of breathing with the account.

Breathing exercises “Funny animals”

Learned how to breathe correctly? Excellent! Now we are mastering the exercises. The kid’s like calisthenics will love – it will help not only to deal with the cough, but also have fun (and psychological relief during illness are also extremely important).

May-bug. Baby sitting on chair, hands on his belt. On the inhale, turn the body to the right and place the right hand back. On the exhale return to the starting position, simulating the buzz of a cockchafer: “Ggggg!”. Again inhale, turn to the left.

Geese and geese, ha-ha-ha! Starting position – sitting on a chair, hands raised to the shoulders. Bend over to the floor, inhale, exhale, take a starting position, accompanying the movement with a loud “Ha-a-Ah!”

Crow . Starting position – sitting on a chair, arms along the shoulders. On the inhale, raise both hands (through the sides), exhale bringing the arms down, while loudly saying “Carrr!”

Cat. Invite son or daughter to imagine myself as a cat stalking a bird.

To do the exercise better standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms at your sides, relaxed. Inhale, bend the handle and squeezing the fingers into fists. Squat, expanding the building to the right, exhale and take a starting position. On the next inhale, squat down, expanding the building and left already.

Stork. Is performed from a standing position, arms along the shoulders. On the inhale, raise arms to the side (as in “the crow”), and the raised bent at the knee the leg. Exhale bringing the arms and the leg with the sound “Shh!”

Crane. Starting position is the same as in “the stork”. Inhaling raise the arms up, exhale lower with twang “Oooo!”

Bird-small. Flies very quickly. This exercise should be saved for the end of “charge against cough”. Let the kid run around the room, rhythmically waving her hands up and down. To abruptly stop not worth it, ask your child to gradually reduce the speed of his flight.

All exercises performed for 5 times. Repeat the sounds clearly, loudly, definitely on the exhale. Do not force your child to do the exercises through strength, the body itself will tell you when to say “Stop!”. Enough 10 minutes a day, and the little patient will feel much better.

And again about the drug

I would like to note once again that the breathing exercises in and of itself a panacea for all bronchite-cough problems is not, it is necessary to combine it with modern drugs, which, on the one hand, will help relieve the cough and have a good tolerance and does not threaten the fragile child’s immune system. One of these drugs is Lasolvan®. Ambroxol (active ingredient of the drug) liquefies sputum difficult to spit and improves its excretion from the respiratory tract. The best effect is achieved if at the same time use cough syrup and conduct of inhalation with a special solution.

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