Recovery post workout

Sports, whether they were carried out, often lead to wear of the body in varying degrees. People waste energy force to achieve its objective, not sparing himself, but in the end does not receive the expected results. And at best, at worst – there is a regression. All because rarely people think of the idea of having a full recovery of the exercising of the body that you want to allocate a certain time, and want to think over. This article and on this important in all respects.

Goal post-workout recovery

Bringing the physical parameters of the body of a particular person in the state standards is of great importance for the exercising person.

First, the recovery contributes to a significant increase adaptability to desired loads. People faster and better “induced” in the schedule of physical exercise. As a consequence, poor outcomes, such as muscle pain, depression, lack of motivation just are deprived of the right to life.

Secondly, the normalization of the physical parameters of the body – the only true path to:

healing of micro traumas that occur in the muscle tissue during training;

the destruction of energetic stress, which man is exposed when performing intense exercise;

elimination of hormonal imbalance specifically in the implementation of sports techniques leads to the development of the already mentioned stress;

stabilization of the nervous system, which, incidentally, also involved in the training process.

Well, and thirdly, of sufficient quality and the recovery period offers a truly great opportunity for muscle growth. Thus, the need to include measures to normalize the physical condition of the human body in the process of training – not an empty phrase.

The recovery phase

According to the aspects of sports medicine, the investigated phenomenon can be divided into 3 stages, each of which has certain characteristics and yielded concrete results.

The first phase is called fast recovery. It is to cover a period of time equal to about 30 minutes and starts at the end of the workout. The fast recovery phase is characterized unsuccessfully attempts to achieve metabolic balance, exposed to the violation at the time of sports activities. As part of this process is the stabilization of the cardiovascular system, hormonal function, replenish lost energy reserves in the form of glycogen, ATP and other compounds.

The second phase – the phase of reparations or slow recovery. At this stage, the conversion to normal water and electrolyte balance, increased production of amino acids and enzymes, absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. All this together helps to regenerate damaged during training cells.

The final phase – supercompensate. It takes place a few days after any sport activity. Stage duration 5-6 days. The essence of it in almost full recovery of the injured muscle tissue. In the end, functional and morphological parameters of the body are much better compared to the original characteristics. In the phase of supercompensation certainly need re – training in order to consolidate the previously achieved results. If this is not done, the grief-athlete will be immediately “thrown back” to the initial level. Here it is – the reason for the necessity of adherence to training!

The body will restore the power

Physical exercise depletes the energy reserves and muscle. To continue training in accordance with the established rhythm, you need to make up for wasted resources. It will help to make basic meals, but not aby what, and certain types. Post-exercise diet, like the diet, having a place to be during sports practice, should include all necessary for normal functioning of organs and tissues of nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Each of the elements contributes to the maintenance of human form and the process of recovery thereof.

Sugar is comparable with the fuel for the muscles. Because they need to drink to sports activities, to make the period of normalization of the physical parameters is less painful and long, to prevent the expenditure of the body’s own lipids and amino acids.

Proteins – the building material for muscles. Without them, the recovery after sports practice is also unlikely to pass on “cheers.” As for fats, there should pay attention to the types of data connections. Useful training persons polyunsaturated fatty acids: omega-6, omega-3. Absolutely harmful TRANS and saturated fats. For full recovery you need to stick to a specific ratio in the diet of proteins and sugars. For starters, you can try 2:1, then gradually increase to 3:1. If the sport is long and complex, the ideal ratio is 4:1. The best time for eating with the purpose of replenishment of energy – the first hour and a half after the workout.

We must not forget that at the time of practice, the body loses a huge amount of moisture. For this reason, you should drink in small SIPS at regular intervals of time. Then plus the not appear the desire to quench the thirst.

Another thing, if instead of water your choice will fall on isotonic – special sports drink enriched with nutrients. You can replace “honey”, “orange” water (liquid with honey and, therefore, orange juice).

Supplements will also help to restore the body. This BCAA (3-5 g), creatine (3 g), glutamine (3 g). The purpose of the first is to slow down the process of catabolism, improve the production of hormones-anabolicos, the second – to replenish the expended energy, the third is to restore the muscles, enhance energy production, and growth hormone.

Common ways to recover

Let us briefly examine the most effective methods of conducting to normal after a workout of their own parameters, which are often neglected of a person who started to play sports.

1. The implementation of the “hitches”.

We all know that every workout starts with a warm-up that help to get involved in the normal tempo of physical exercises. Hitch is about the same, but just the opposite: this technique slows down the rhythm of performing sports activities with the purpose of complete elimination of them after 3-4 minutes. The result: lactic acid faster leaves muscles.

2. Implementation massage.

This procedure can be done alone – we just have to learn it. Massage stimulates circulation, which improves the supply of nutrients, and as a result accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue.

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