Useful for the body properties of yoga

Intake of tea!

Outside spring, summer is coming, and the best drinks for this time are herbal teas (fees). We hasten to inform you that the House of yoga there are new herbal drink several types of fermented Ivan tea, various herbal preparations. Herbs collected in eco-friendly places of Gorny Altai. Read more about the composition and properties read on.

1. Ivan Tea labsafety “Altai Turquoise”, 520 rubles.

High-grade fermented full-leaf fireweed. We collected and processed

exclusively by hand in the Altai mountains at altitudes of 1000 m. Tea in the Russian oven dried at low temperature. The use of multi-stage fermentation method and accuracy has allowed us to maintain the integrity of the tea leaf. Dry curled leaves resemble long emerald spiral.

Tea has many beneficial properties: lowers blood pressure, normalizes metabolism, has beneficial effects on the digestive tract, IGA, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and anticancer effects.

2. Fireweed slaboseviciene Grass Altai line “Valley of Flowers”, 150 rubles.

Real Russian tea . obtained in the processing of leaf fireweed, harvested in the foothills of the Altai mountains, at altitudes of about 1000 m. the whole leaf, fermented fireweed.

When brewing fireweed we receive prophylactic drink from many types of diseases occurring in our world. The drink has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antitumor, enveloping, soothing and stabilizing the pressure effect. Contains large amounts of vitamin C.

3. Vita. Tea herbal line Valley of Flowers , 150 rubles.

Composition . Fireweed (epilobium angustifolium), White tea, meadowsweet, birch leaves, Nettle Leaf, Echinacea, Oregano, Berry rosehip.

The collection has many beneficial properties: enhances the immune system, purifies the blood and increases blood coagulation, is antipyretic, cholagogue. Is a good antiseptic. However, this fee is not a drug and is suitable for daily use without restrictions.

4. Alive. Tea herbal line Valley of Flowers, 150 rubles.

Ingredients: fireweed (epilobium angustifolium fermented), Black tea, Geranium pratense, Ziziphora, currant Leaf, raspberry Leaf, St. John’s Wort, marigold Color.

Cleansing, restoring vitality herbal tea, harvested in a unique natural area – the foothills of the Altai.

The collection gives a lot of useful properties: cleanses the body of toxins, helps digestion and has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect. Especially good for colds and if you have problems with gastro-intestinal tract, Central nervous system and the urogenital area. However, this fee is not a drug and is suitable for daily use without restrictions.

5. Lada. Tea herbal line Valley of Flowers, 150 rubles.

Ingredients: fireweed (epilobium angustifolium fermented), Oolong tea, Kuril tea, Oregano, currant Leaf, the Color of calendula, hawthorn Berry.

Gives a lot of useful properties: it has a calming effect, relieves headaches. Can be used for nervous exhaustion, diseases of the Central nervous system, heart, gastrointestinal tract. Especially good for high blood pressure.

6. Svatobor. Tea herbal line Valley of Flowers, 150 rubles.

Ingredients: fireweed (epilobium angustifolium), Red tea, Kuril tea, Ziziphora, Echinacea, Leuzea soflorida, St. John’s Wort.

Gives a lot of useful properties: enhances the immune system, has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect, regulates metabolism, and boosts sexual function. It is recommended for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, Central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, particularly good for low blood pressure.

The method of preparation . Brewing water, brought to a boil (t

95C) from 2G of tea in 100ml of water. Infuse for 1-2 minutes and pour into cups. Can be brewed several times, gradually increasing the steeping time.

Force of nature collected in herbs. Drink to your health!

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