The benefits of morning exercise – interview with Professor of medic

Tell me, Professor, do you do morning exercises?

– Certainly. My every day starts with twelve exercises on the study of the joints and warm up all muscle groups.

– What about running, dumbbell?

– No, these exercises I do not include in the charge.

– Do you think that they cannot help?

– On the contrary. They are very important for health, especially running. But enough for me three twenty-minute runs a week. I have them in the evenings.

Running, as well as skiing, swimming, dumbbell, is a good training, which gives me pleasure and helps to constantly be in shape, to preserve good health.

– Do the exercises – this is not a drill?

– No. Training promotes the development and preservation of certain physical qualities, and charging – the procedure is purely hygienic. As washing, for example.

– Could you explain this idea?

– When we Wake up, our nerve centers inhibited, peripheral blood vessels are semi-closed. It is known that our body requires 2-3 hours to come after sleeping in a working condition.

Morning washing several reduces this time. Yeah, don’t be surprised. In the morning, when washing face face, we’re not washed off the dirt from him (where’d it come from!), and freshen up. You feel the difference? Freshen up, cold water invigorates, sends impulses from skin to nerve centers. But this is not enough. Only once during the first morning hours we are performing a particular job included various joints and muscle groups, our work becomes full-fledged. But to this point the best morning hours have already passed, left used is not as productive as we would like. Wouldn’t it be easier to spend ten minutes on charge, then an hour quick and fun to make work for the next two hours?

Another extremely important issue is the condition of the human nervous system. If in the morning on the bus, on the street or at work you see lethargic, irritable man with a bad mood, you know that he suffers from chronic physical underload – hypokinesia, which, as stated, lowers the vitality and increased emotional excitability. Because the shortage of muscle activity is manifested in the fact that the muscles of our arms and legs receives an insufficient number of signals in the brain, disintegrating the usual clarity of the nerve centers. Hence, the neuro-vegetative symptoms – lack of freshness, vigor, irritability, drowsiness, lethargy, increased fatigue. Even such a man wakes up dark, his night sleep is not refreshing. Only after a few hours he is gaining motor at least, it improves mood, increases vitality. So if you catch yourself that in the morning Wake up irritable and in a bad mood, immediately increase their physical activity, with special attention to the classroom in the morning.

– Wonderful! What do you think, is it worth, convincing parents of the benefits of charging, to inspire them, “Teach the children to their morning exercise session, and they will grow strong and healthy”?

– No, if we say, we will lead people astray. One morning exercise is not enough to ensure that people received the necessary physical training. Each child needs about one hour a day to exercise. And morning gymnastics will charge him with vigor, will impart flavor to the sport and create a good mood and will successfully learn to resist various diseases.

– Many are not limited in the morning light, invigorating workout. They prefer a good run, quite a load exercises for development of muscles of the arms, abdominals, back, a variety of exercises for flexibility, the complexes with dumbbells or chest expander. Sometimes lessons are forty minutes-an hour. It’s not really the charge that you’re talking about!

Yeah, that’s a real workout, simultaneously decisive and the tasks set before charging. It’s a good thing. But I in the morning no time for such training. I seek for her other watches. However, those who have a good opportunity to work out in the morning is welcome.

– So, everyone who is in a hurry in the morning, do you recommend to do exercises and have plenty of time to train?

– Do not sharply distinguish between these two groups of people. Many in the usual hygienic exercises include those or other coaching elements. Where to put such people? Morning exercise is very individual. Someone with only 10 exercises, and some an hour tinkering with a barbell. Such customization is natural, it depends on budget, time, physical fitness and tastes of people.

– What do you think, can we say: the person in order to remain healthy, necessary per day 10,000 steps, or 1000 or 10 minutes of running, half an hour or dumbbell gymnastics?

– I think, this categorical unnecessary. Again, all depends on individual circumstances.

Say, a well-trained runner 10 minute light jog will add nothing and will not lower. And for the person who walks with difficulty, it can be fatal. This is, again, individually. But there is a General law according to which the improvement of physical qualities only occurs when you perform those exercises, which, although feasible, but given with some difficulty. Say, if a person regularly making runs, not experiencing any difficulties, the benefits of such running is limited. You should either increase the distance or a little more speed. Only then will begin to advance positive changes in the cardiovascular system.

Don’t forget that in addition to charging, if you want to be in good shape, you need 3-4 times a week to conduct a thorough workout.

So, morning hygienic gymnastics – traditional Wellness tool designed to solve a range of tasks from rapid activation of all body systems after a night’s sleep before the development of certain physical qualities and correction of some defects. Every person who regularly make morning exercises, usually chooses for himself a few exercises from a huge Arsenal, developed by experts, and executes them in the long term, until you feel that it should be difficult or, conversely, to make depending on your physical condition. Charging should be done in a well-ventilated room, in light clothing, a few minutes after sleep. After the charging is taken a shower. Breath when charging most of the free, arbitrary.

Very great importance is the speed with which exercises are conducted morning exercises. The author is not a supporter of a calm and measured pace morning gymnastics on radio and TV. He prefers the high tempo that dictates contemporary music. Pre-writing a few songs, the author performs a half dozen exercises given here and 20-30 minutes brings the heart rate up to 120-130 beats per minute. All this is very similar to the now popular rhythmic exercises performed at home. Its advantage is in the fact that she, with good emotion, gives a charge of vivacity and inevitably involves other people.

For some people the simplest to complex morning exercises is limited to an introduction to the world of physical culture. Other Supplement the charging load more exercises with the available shells, swim, run, go skiing, play volleyball, basketball or tennis. This, of course, immeasurably more fulfilling option in physical activity.

From the number provided here (or any other) exercises, you can choose the ones that are more suitable involved, and gradually to complicate them, to increase the number of repetitions and tempo so that the muscles and all body systems are felt after the class is small, pleasant tiredness. This certificate coaching-impact exercise. At some point the student must feel that these exercises are not enough. Then he should not resist the call of the muscles: it is time to qualitatively expand the range of physical exercises, to give them much more time and attention.


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