What is Pole dance

Pole dance is one of the areas of modern dance. It is called “dance pole” or “pole dancing”. In Russia, this area appeared relatively recently, but has already become epidemic. Pole dance is now taught in any decent fitness center. And this is not surprising. Pole dance is very interesting, it develops plasticity, improves flexibility and coordination, gives a huge load on the muscles, creates excitement and incredibly enhances self-esteem. Doing pylon, you don’t even have to go to the boring gym. Instead, with pleasure, to music, to check on what your body is capable.

In the classic sense pole dance is a part of Striptease. Striptease, in turn, is the well – known dance, consisting of erotic movements of her hips, strokes flowing hair, etc. However, migrating from a strip in the clubs, the strip became known as strip of plastic, and the elements performed on the pole, got its own development, and there is a new trend in fitness – pole dance. Not to be confused pole dance with conventional strip or strip of plastic. Because it requires significant physical exertion sports. Can you imagine a gymnast on the bar? Here with the pylon about as well, only in vertical position.

Of course, there are different levels of professionalism, “the dancers”. If there is no desire to achieve any serious results, it is possible to do strip of plastic + simple elements with a pole. Simple elements is the most basic, elementary twist (a twist called performed on the pylon element). For example – you hold on to the pole and cling to his leg below the knee. Worth to say that the pylons are there spinning and static. Usually used spinning, but in good schools and fitness centers have both.

The basic twist is needed in order to get used to the pylon, master it, learn to hold your weight with your hands. It will take 2-4 sessions, depending on your fitness. Then begins the work more difficult. You will learn the twist at the top of the pylon (and this will need to learn how to climb), twist with the splits and even twist akin acrobatic exercises. An experienced dancer, for example, can keep your body one hands parallel to the pylon, being upside down, but still depicting beautiful twine in the air.

If you are eager to try this activity for yourself, I’ll try to give you some recommendations .

First-it will be difficult. You can even imagine. The first lesson you have absolutely nothing good will come of it, so don’t even think to be upset. Get usually starts only times in the third.

Secondly – you say to take the classes of high heel shoes. But not in a hurry to get their work pumps sandals or old, who “do not mind”. In fact, the shoes in the classroom is absolutely not mandatory. And from the usual shoes you are severely tired. You know the feeling when you’ve been running all day in heels? And even more so if they are below average.

For this kind of dance is suitable only professional footwear, so-called strips – shoes or boots and huge heels. Platform height is 1.5 cm, 4.5-5 cm, 6.5 cm, 8,5-9,5 cm, and also quite extreme, freaky shoes used only as dancers in strip clubs. These shoes do not give a strong load on the ankle, which means that the feet less tired than usual. And do not be afraid of tall heel when you try them, you will understand that they are very comfortable. You can buy them in specialized stores, if any, in your city, or in the online store of clothing and shoes for the show. These stores are engaged in trade by means of postage and cod. To go the parcel will be about 2 weeks. The cost of such shoes in online shops – from 2500-3000 thousand.

Professional platform shoes easy by the fact that, when executed twists you will have as much as possible to push off from the floor and they are great to increase the thrust force and, consequently, improve the quality of performance twist. In principle, I would advise you to buy them. Well, at least to feel like it is real. To practice suitable sandals with a platform of 1.5-4.5 cm If you don’t, then just do barefoot. It’s much more convenient amateurish variants.

Thirdly – in the classroom you definitely have to be bare feet and hands to shoulders. The best option is the short shorts and halter top. The fact is that to perform twists necessary friction between the metal pole and skin. The fabric will just slide and you won’t get anything. Now some companies produce special clothing for pole dance classes of non-slip fabrics. If, again, you fundamentally – you can search the Internet.

Fourthly . a very important point of injury. Trauma room one, from which nothing will ever save the BRUISES. The first couple of weeks your feet will be just covered with huge black bruises. However, over time the skin gets used, and the bruises are. To speed up the process of healing will help special creams.

Next – dislocations and sprains. Needless to say that in pole dance important stretching. Warm-up and stretching exercises should be done at the beginning of each lesson. If you are not a gymnast and twine for you is something from the category of fiction, not zealous. Otherwise you can easily pull the nerve to pull or even tear a muscle and to lose performance for a long time. In addition, you can knock the joint or dislocate the arm. Past trauma, incidentally, is very common. Advice here is the same – not zealous, if you feel sorry for yourself. I was not very sorry, so I went through probably all of the above. That high heels can easily tuck the leg, I did not mention.

Another caveat – blisters on the palms. They can be very inspiring. Many people are suffering, and coach, as a rule, always engaged with bare hands. However, I suggest that you buy a regular leather driving gloves. They will protect your hands from blisters, will save you power and actually engage them in a much easier and more convenient.

A couple of tricks – before training not to smear the body creams or oils, and the time not to open the Windows or turn on the AC as cold pylon becomes very slippery.

Here, in General, and all. It remains to add a few words about what are the coaches. And coaches pole dance are former professional dancers or athletes, who like pole dancers, strip clubs, worked in schools, those who once started as an apprentice and I liked it. Ideally, of course, to learn from the professionals. For they can teach you even the most complex twists, to competently perform warm-up and give the right load.

When choosing a place for trainings, leadership is not the prestige of the hall, and the professionalism of the coach. Although this recommendation is rather for those who are already engaged in any dancing or a proper sport earlier, for those who need a serious load. For ladies, the less experienced in this matter, with the choice of a coach much easier. You can go to any dancer that will help you to master the basics of pole dance.

If you are going to workout, don’t forget to bring a water bottle, leather gloves, warming cream from sprains and bruises, cream for heavy legs, hairpin hair and good mood.

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