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Regular exercise is essential for health – it is an indisputable fact. Only busy big cities is very difficult to find time to visit the fitness club, and the subscription price may be high. In this situation, you can go the other way – to buy a home trainer or even not one, to be able at any time to exercise your body. If You are strongly confident in their intentions to create some semblance of a “gym at home”, we may get up another question – what to choose?

Most people don’t move at all during the day, which negatively affects not

only the figure, but also the condition. To overcome the consequences of physical inactivity in the context of limited time and finances will allow aerobic exercise. They are well established as a means of weight loss, problems with the cardiovascular system, stress and insomnia. In addition, the cardio you can do while you watch TV, talk on the phone etc. repetitive motion for 15-40 minutes soothe, nourish the blood with oxygen and tone the muscles of the body.

Now on sale there is a wide selection of cardio equipment – Steppers, elliptical, treadmills, and exercise bikes. Those who have long been engaged, in this context, it is easier person knows their needs. Of course, it is best to buy what’s familiar, checked and like You, then the risk that You will grow cold” to occupations is not as high. To understand what You really need, let’s evaluate the most common trainers from the point of view of efficiency, functionality, overall health benefits and shape, compactness, and cost. You should focus on such factors as:

1. Your fitness and health. Each type of activity has its indications and contraindications.

2. Is your goal. You want to lose weight in General or amend certain part of the body (e.g., legs).

3. Your financial capabilities and the amount of free space where you can put the simulator. Don’t buy cheap models – they can break (You can get injured), to work on them uncomfortable, so the use of classes will be small.

Now let’s consider the basic “machinery”, which will train the main muscle of our body – the heart.

1. Select the simulator for home: treadmill.

It is, perhaps, the most popular cardio equipment, and rightly so – few can match it with the standpoint of benefit to the body and shape. Running or walking is the most natural sport, allowing to reduce the weight, tighten the abdominal muscles, to correct the shape of the legs, tone muscles, improve balance and coordination, to spend a lot of calories (up to 500 per hour), to improve the cardiovascular system and improve the body. Run or walk cycles and also the muscles of the body, especially if the training actively working with his hands. This simulator is the most secure – in fact, regular walking has no contraindications.

There is also a track mechanical and electrical, the latter is preferable, they are more comfortable to deal with, in addition, they have a number of other useful features – calorie counter, time, load, controlled, pulse sensor. Models with built-in computer to allow you to specify a training program (uphill, cross-country running, etc.). This gives You the opportunity to train depending on their level of training, health and even our mood. When choosing a program to adequately assess their capabilities is too fast or intense running can cause injury. If You are overweight or knee issues, you can just walk on it.

The cost of the more expensive ranges from 5-6 up to several tens thousand roubles. Cheaper models are quick to fail to have an uncomfortable canvas (it can “SAG”), to create a loud noise and be uncomfortable for use. The electric model is the most preferable, but it takes up more space than mechanical, it cannot be folded and pushed for the Cabinet.

The disadvantages include the danger of injury, and that the track is little load on the upper body.

2. Choosing a trainer for your home: an exercise Bike.

This simulator is a classic of the genre. His love for ease of use – sat down and went! No need to master the technique or have a well-developed vestibular system. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive and does not occupy much space in the apartment. Suitable for people with diseases or problems of the spine (there are models with backs), varicose veins, overweight, and simply those who prefer a more leisurely pursuits. On the bike it is almost impossible to get injured. The consumption of calories lower than on the track — about 300-400 per hour depending on intensity. The bike uses only the muscles of the legs, it does not affect the press, back, chest and arms. But already his feet he is working on a fully – rear, front, outer thigh, calves and hamstrings.

The price of the simulator starts from 6-8 thousand. Bike most often does not require electricity, allowing you to install it anywhere. The most convenient magnetic trainer – he has a smooth stroke, it is less prone to breakage, but its cost is higher than belt or drum – about 10 thousand roubles.

3. Choosing a trainer for your home: Stepper.

A favorite of many girls who dream to have a pert bottom and get rid of excess fat. It simulates climbing stairs, You need to make efforts to lower the step down. Very well loaded leg muscles, especially the rear surface, and thanks to your efforts is ensured by a sufficiently high power consumption. Like other cardio stepper trains endurance and the cardiovascular system.

Sessions on the stepper is quite complicated, especially for people who are overweight. Training is not recommended for those who have problems with the spine or feet. When playing on it is very important to observe the correct technique is to keep your posture, do not “hang” on the handles and not to overdo it with the load.

Conventional stepper is from 5 thousand rubles. The load should be adjustable, the device can be equipped with pulse monitor, calorie counter, timer and computer classes – this will make the workout more varied. Do not buy a mini stepper – he has too little range of motion, and he quickly get bored.

4. Choosing a trainer for your home: an Ellipsoid.

Ellipsoid appeared on the sports market relatively recently, but he has already managed to earn a lot of popularity due to the fact that tones the muscles of the whole body. The simulator is a kind of hybrid stepper and treadmill in the courtyard. Move it easily enough, and the classes themselves are unlikely to “stale”. The ellipsoid is not a burden on the joints, provides a uniform load on all the muscles of the body, well burns excess calories and develops endurance. He is the “champion” for energy costs – up to 700 Calories an hour! Classes on it do not have side effects and are suitable for people of all ages.

An elliptical trainer is the most expensive of these – the prices start from 10 thousand rubles. Still it is quite heavy and massive, it is not so easy to transport around the apartment or to hide.

These simulators will give You harmony and durability will help to spend the evening, and their appearance is to encourage training. When doing cardio is not remember about wearing comfortable clothes and athletic shoes!


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