Fitness instead of winter sleep

20% of health depends on heredity, another 20% from the environment, from health we depend only 8.5%. And 51.5% (. ) health is determined by lifestyle!

This statistic is encouraging! After all, we ourselves can manage and influence their own lifestyle! Very easy health problems blamed on “peculiarities of the organism”. However, in reality only 5% of people are not able to feel good for medical reasons. In other cases

the usual reasons – laziness, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Agree, we all share the desire to be active, beautiful, modern. It’s so interesting to live! Of course, appearance is a weighty argument “for” or “against” in his career. Because the fashion, health and others do not agree with the statement that “a good man should be plenty. “. Still “meeting dress for success”, we also look at what the clothes worn on the body figure and doing sootwetstwujiut. Someone does it deliberately, someone unconsciously, but, believe me, do – everything!

Each of us knows the state of depression. The sadness, irritability. And the deeper winter, the stronger the desire to “hibernate” until spring. To cheer ourselves up we try chocolate and other tasty things that at first quietly, and then more obviously affects the condition. One calms winter pants and bulky sweaters are easier to hide flaws.

And if you go the other way? Try to fix them – and then will have nothing to hide! Although it also features. But character. And noise here is not mythical obstacles, and above all: a reluctance acquired bad habits and ingrained in the brain stereotypes. Ordinary scheme of motor activity for the city resident – Sofa – Machine – Office – Machine – Sofa. And so day in and day out. The result is muscle atrophy, albeit slowly. Naturally, the tissue does not die off, as the minimum load is still present. It’s not only your muscles need to get a regular metered load, but also other body systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, bone, joints, which are closely interrelated.

Hypomimia (sedentary lifestyle) – disease of the 21st century, she didn’t die, but it indirectly affects a variety of diseases of organs and systems. And the only cure is physical activity.

“Movement is life!”

It is a universal law for all ages. Antiquity has left us with a sample of beauty and grandeur – the sculpture of Aphrodite. The Greeks have always appreciated proportional and harmonious shape. According to them, the woman was supposed to be, though slender, but not too thin, with rounded shapes. So, Aphrodite has a height 164 cm, waist 69 cm, chest 86 cm, hips – 93 cm

Ancient Rome took over almost all the traditions of Greece. The Romans also appreciated the beauty of and the standard was considered slim, but not skinny women, stately, but at the same time graceful.

Then the purpose of fitness was inner harmony and outer beauty. This is what is going in the 5th century BC the ancient Greeks who dedicate themselves to sports and turning athletics into a kind of art. It was a job for the elite. Moreover, the daily hours of training did athletics profession – antique godlike athletes spend all their time training to win at the Olympics.

Later, in the 2nd century BC the art of athleticism reached Rome, and athletic competitions were there favorite folk entertainment

How to avoid depression, bad mood, increase physical activity without tiring? The cure is as effective as it is simple: move as actively as possible. And the best place where it can be done in any weather, a fitness club, as a rule, most of the clubs bring together all the useful enjoyment.

Especially for energetic and caring people. For those who leads an active life. For those who know that visiting a fitness club and doing physical activity is low or moderate intensity, 30 min a day 3-4 times a week, can significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and other disorders. And thus, significantly improves the quality of life and efficiency.

The human body was created for movement. Today we have to move as little as possible at home and at work is also a fact. We have remote controls for everything, and even the kettle turns itself off!

But the human mind is a power: inventing everything not to make any unnecessary movements, mind invented a reason to move – and have fun! The reason to have an ACTIVE REST! It – fitness. After systematic training at the club, the body acquires a more aesthetic appearance and becomes resistant to stress, troubles and difficulties.

Once you are addicted and will begin to receive only let you noticeable results, the road to the hall will cease to frighten, and the fee for the visit will seem pitifully small compared with the achieved results.

In our time, as in Antiquity, fitness became a way of achieving physical perfection and spiritual harmony. The possibility of creating a new lifestyle.

To each his own!

Today fitness includes the basic elements of aerobics classes at the gym, weight training, swimming, massage. Due to the such variety club to be very effective. Work all muscle groups, and vary the load.

Aerobics is a movement with the music, stimulating the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, a great way to uplift your mood and combat obesity. This kind of practice is attractive because of its accessibility, emotion and the ability to change the content of the lessons depending on the interests, physical condition, age, level of physical preparedness of the student. Today there are about 40 lines of aerobics:

gymnastic-athletic (classic aerobics, stretching);

dance orientation (jazz-aerobics, salsa aerobics, etc.);

the cyclical nature (such as step, cycle, aerobics);

direction “East-West”, linking the European and Eastern culture in the field of fitness (yoga, Tae-Bo, CI (Bo).

Switching types of physical activity has a positive effect on emotional health. There is no sense of monotony. Do not “boring”. It is proved that a good mood increases the effectiveness of your workout by 10-30 %. Besides, fitness is recommended as a cure for stress. But how can you cope with a bad mood, if you don’t like what you’re doing?

I would like to keep your wardrobe updated, not because favorite clothes already don’t fit, but because I want to emphasize a healthy body with something new and trendy. We wish to be like Avorite and Apollo!

Dmitry Ivanov, Vice-President of sales of the group of companies “Sport Life”

Training in the gym with professional fitness equipment and swimming in the pool, to meet the requirements of both Amateur and professional athletes and will help to significantly improve the psycho-emotional state, reduce pain during movement and increase joint mobility. The body starts faster output by-products and toxins, somehow trapped in the body. Begin to develop and strengthen other organic structures of the body – the muscles, ligaments and joints.

Positive effects on the body, in particular on the development of General endurance and reducing fat component of the body, one lesson step aerobics is equivalent to running 20 miles at a good pace. In addition, classes are held in studios group and combat programs that allow you to get a charge of vivacity and energy, to develop strength of will and spirit, to balance our physical and mental start to feel your body and enjoy the opportunity the ability to communicate through movement.


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