Intelligently about skiing

NEW! Article updated in 2013. the old “budget” version can be found nearby .

Foreword a number of times. What am I doing?

How to choose skis?

What attachment?

How to put skis and is it necessary?

Where and what to run?

Such or nearly such questions I regularly hear from friends at the beginning of each winter, especially after I began to participate in the 100km race. As usual, after the third or fourth repetition of the same explanation, I decided to write it down to not repeat any more :-). About and so was born this little article.

Preface number two. For whom and why?


“cross country” is a very broad concept. Formal – this is for all those who are not “mountain”. Due to traditionally different (for the West and Russia) classification and sometimes literal translations of foreign words narrower types thoroughly messed up. “Walking”, “tourist”, “racing”, “sports”, “professional”, “Amateur”, “universal” (skis, poles, boots) – in different contexts can be applied to very different products and Vice versa, the same can be “sticky” completely different “shortcut”. Itself “occupation” and the person making it known to everyone in different ways. When I the next time I run past sedately marching bands with canvas bags, they probably think “athlete”, I think about them “tourists”. But these athletes, knowing that I ran 12km in an hour, contemptuous grin – “walk”. As true tourists, tropjashchim virgin lands in the Northern Urals with tents and stoves have little resemblance to walking on the track ready thermos and sandwiches.

My attempt of classification. For whom I write.

To speak the same language, serves as the main classification criterion we take the average speed. When everything turns out almost strictly:

“athletes”: 15-20km/h(warm-up) and 20-30km/h(the competition), well prepared track;

“athletes”: 9-15km/h, the track;

“shirkers”: 4-8km/h, the track;

“tourists”: the same 3-8km/h, but without trails, usually in the washing machine” and far from civilization (tents, sleeping bags, stove, etc.) will not be discussed Further quite, quite, “another world” 🙂

Since I myself belong to the category of “athletes”, they will go ahead and talk. (But “shirkers” before leaving, I recommend to read simple code. ) Trying to find online information, I discovered an interesting effect – it is clearly divided into TWO class – conditional for “athletes” and “truants”. I.e. in excess is discussed as “scraping and primed base to impregnate her 40 layers of wax, apply boosters” and other “racing” theme. Almost all the rest of the article is “for suckers” mean a kind of rosy-cheeked plump aunt in the powder puff slowly walking on a pleasure skiing with my dog :-). And what about those who have already experienced the joy of flying over the ski with a speed of 10-15km/h, “grabbed” the joy of sliding, but runs only on weekends and has no time to train to run faster and the extra money for useless in this case racing gadgets? And wants to run with maximum speed and comfort?

This is what I will try to write.

How (and in what order) do NOT HAVE to pick up skiing.

A little exaggerated and collectively describe realistic scenes I’ve seen in sports shops.

So, the Buyer (hereinafter – P) decided to upgrade its Arsenal comes into the store and flows into confusion from the abundance of goods – he always thought that the skis are only two types of “wood” and “plastic” :-)! But rushes to the aid of consultant seller (hereinafter referred To).

To: help You?

P. Yes. I would. ski. ride

K: No problem! Now pick up! You ride ( convincingly ) SKATE or ( nasty ) classics?

P (in confusion, before his eyes float racing scenes from the TV, everything seems to run great. don’t want to look unfashionable. but afraid to abandon the usual) . A. it is possible. and so and so? I have done things like running around!

K: No problem! These ridge take, but longer, You have 180 growth – take 196! Exactly midway between skate and classic!

To: Fixing what’s it gonna take?

To: we action – if we take THESE (automatic by the way), and skis, the installation for free!

P: Great! Take! ( knocks check, carry skis in the Studio ).

P: A. still boots to them you where?

K: So, you have combination here. We must have! Small? But two sizes larger? Great? Unfortunately under these mounts we have popular sizes quickly gone. here try one of these boots, they foot hold – just Your size. Uncomfortable? Well then take those first, that is too big will put on two socks – the most it! And will not freeze!

P: let’s boots (though the ridge will try humanly to ride)

You can continue in the same spirit to continue about the purchase ointments, clothing, ski gloves and much more. As a result poor P, spending a huge pile of money is rubbed with feet on giving wildly skis, sweating in an expensive vortexual jacket, and wistfully recalls his youth and his old “pieces of wood”.

While another buyer P2, without thinking, typing all THE cheap (“Czech” boots 75mm, fixtures, nameless cheapest recreational skis with a notch, but the CORRECT length) and dressed in a regular old sweater gets on the track much more fun. (sometimes!). I don’t want to say that I do not need to buy expensive things, they just need to buy wisely! The seller can say anything – he’s not going to pay for Your pleasure, but for the amount of money You have left at the box office!

How and inwhat order to CORRECTLY choose cross-country skis (poles, boots, bindings)

Where to start?

Guess! With skiing? No! With mounts? Do not guess! Can Shoe? Warmer, but no! With socks.

Modern shoes do not absorb moisture inside, but do not let the sweat out. And after hours of running athlete even in cold weather sweat stands out a lot. So socks must, first, to absorb it all, secondly choose not to soak up entirely at least near the skin (to keep warm). In addition, thirdly, they are systematically stress abrasion near the heel, and, fourthly, should not wrinkle in the folds, otherwise provided terrible blisters. By the way from raw skin around the chance of blisters is also increased. There is nothing worse for a skier than wipe feet – future riding turns into slow torture. What do we get?

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Intelligently about skiing
NEW! Article updated in 2013. the old "budget" version can be found nearby . Foreword a number of times. What am I doing? How to choose skis? What attachment? How to put skis and is…


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