Treadmill for home

Treadmill – one of the most popular cardio equipment. And this is not surprising, because the treadmill for the house activates the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and burns ligne fat, and also trains the muscles of the back and legs.

Home treadmills vary in size, system load and other characteristics. It is possible to select the treadmill you need to know more information about what are the different types of treadmills.

Types of treadmills for home

Modern treadmills can be divided into three main types. A running machine for the home is the mechanical, magnetic and electrical.

Treadmill mechanical

Motorized treadmill for home are the most cost-effective simulator, because the tape track rotates through the efforts of the runner. During walking or running, he gradually begins to rotate the tape. Thus, the mechanical path the electricity is not required, and the blade moves only when running.

How does mechanical treadmill during the workout? The level of training and, accordingly, the load can be adjusted by changing the angle of the blade or by inhibition of the walking belt mechanical or magnetic manner by means of the front shaft.

Mechanical treadmill is not equipped with a speed switch and built-in programs. The effectiveness of the training depends on the conscientious work of the student. The principle of operation of mechanical treadmill is — with the acceleration of speed of movement of the blade begins to rotate faster and when running slow man slow down and the treadmill. In the mechanical path braking is carried out by pressing a brake band.

The mechanical advantages of the treadmill include:

Mechanical trainer is light weight, therefore easy to transport. This track is the most compact and when folded takes up very little space.

It can be noted that training in this simulator is fully consistent with natural running. After all, when running outside is not always possible to keep a constant speed. Runner can vary the speed, then slowing down, then accelerating. Classes on mechanical treadmill are held by the same principle, so they are more close to the real conditions.

Price mechanical tracks are not quite high, it ranges from 4700 rubles to 10 thousand rubles.

Due to the fact that the simulator does not require electricity, it can be freely placed anywhere on the verandah of the house or outdoors.

Motorized treadmill safe.

The disadvantages include:

A limited number of display data and specifications provided by the machine — only workout time, heart rate, calories burned and speed.

Special training programs are completely absent

Mechanical exerciser exerts a great strain on the feet, so it should not engage those who have any problems with her feet.

Treadmill magnetic

Magnetic treadmills are, in fact, a kind of mechanical equipment. The treadmill in the same manner is driven by the efforts of the runner’s feet. Recently they began to be a separate species.

What does it mean magnetic treadmill? It differs from a mechanical simulator that the blade rotates smoothly due to the magnetic braking system. The design of this treadmill is supplemented by magnets that facilitate the movement of the tape. During the movement of the walking belt on a magnetic track you will not feel sudden jerks.

Consider how magnetic treadmill. To change the load and braking in these simulators are used in the magnetic system. Depending on the distance between the magnets. the braking force may change. This allows more involved to smoothly vary the load depending on the workout intensity.

Magnetic treadmills for home advantages :

Magnetic braking system provides smooth movement of the canvas, and smooth braking.

Magnetic treadmills allow you to exercise more comfortably, and the lack of a motor makes the simulator easy to use and maintain, which increases its service life.

They do not differ in price from mechanical.

Magnetic stripes have small weight and dimensions due to the absence of electric motor and electric drive system.

Disadvantages of magnetic treadmill:

As a mechanical treadmill, a trainer is not equipped with a computer supporting the training program.

Because the treadmill belt is driven by the efforts of the legs, it puts further stress on the feet. Therefore, this treadmill is not recommended for training those who do not consume excessive load on the legs.

If you have any question, what kind of treadmill for home is better: manual or magnetic, you can simply reply — magnetic. It is more quiet, provides a more smooth running blade, while compact, simple and has a low price. The magnetic track is a good compromise between mechanical and electric treadmill.

Treadmill electric

Electric treadmill is the most modern machine. If you are interested in professional treadmills for home, it’s just about electric.

The treadmill in such tracks is driven by an electric motor and not by the efforts of the runner’s feet. The load can be adjusted by changing the angle of the blade and by changing the speed. All professional electric treadmills are equipped with an onboard computer.

During training, you can specify any speed of the tape, the duration and intensity of your workout, monitor your heart rate and calories burned. In the on-Board computer contains information about your weight, height and age. This makes it possible to develop an individual training program and adjust the simulator for yourself personally.

How to choose an electric treadmill

Electric treadmills can be classified as follows:

The economy class. Have a minimum number of functions. The speed of movement of the blade varies from a half to fifteen km/h. the Size of the walking belt as a rule, is 30-33 cm or 38-40 see Machines of this class are operated manually and has a relatively low price 800-1200$.

Amateur class. In these machines the computer has finished a training program, and you can create them yourself. The size of the walking belt does not exceed 37-39 see the speed of the fabric from fifteen to sixteen miles an hour. The width of belt does not exceed 40-45 cm tilt Angle is automatically adjusted. Price 1300-3500$

Class Hi-End. These machines have brushless or brushed DC motor. The speed of the blade from 0.8 to eighteen km/h. canvas Size: 45-50 cm Price varies from 3600 to 5500$

Professional. Functionality is almost the same as Hi-End, but it can be used in gyms around the clock. It is equipped with a control pulse, whereby the computer determines the optimal load on the body. Price 3600-16000$

Treadmill foldable

There are also folding treadmills. Such simulators are very useful in the case when small-sized apartment and need to save space. A folding treadmill can be placed under a Cabinet or bed. If you need to go on a trip and you don’t want to quit, you can take a folding treadmill with me, putting it in the trunk of the car.

If necessary, the simulator is easily expanded and used as directed. You can just pick up the canvas vertically when not in use and this will free up space on the floor. But it is worth considering that such folding models have a lightweight design, so the maximum load must be reduced.

Compact treadmill for home

The main difference between compact treadmill from the rest are its dimensions. The walking belt on such tracks already on 10 -15 cm than normal, then there is 50 cm width is 35 cm and length 80 — 90 centimeters. This mini treadmill for home is more common among mechanical models. Electric almost never happens. Compact track quite suitable for training girls or middle-sized men.

A home treadmill is a great help to maintain good physical shape and health promotion.

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